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2003. 8. 22. · 笔记本电脑上win10怎么打出顿号 - : windows10操作系统的电脑,可以按照下面的步骤,输入顿号(、). 1,把电脑的输入法设置为中文输入法(例如windows 10系统自带的微软拼音输入法) . 2,敲击键盘上的这个键,3,在文本中就会出来一个顿号了(请无视下面图标中的光标)!. 2021. 11. 16. · Step 1:- Visit the official support page of the Keyboard manufacturer. Step 3:- Next, search for the compatible driver according to your Keyboard model. Step 4:- After this, download the driver file and unzip it. Step.

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