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Rotate the click wheel on the tool clockwise to lower the post and counterclockwise to raise the post. You can hear and feel the tool click. Comes in a 2 pack. Specifications: Includes 2 M4 sight adjustment tools. Easily attaches to front sight post.. 2022. 6. 21. · Home » Store » AR-15 » AR-15 Accessories » AR-15 Tools » AR-15 M4 Front. Last edited by Dump1567; 05-29-10 at 10:30 . 05-29-10, 13:23 #4. The Magna-Matic Ak-47 front sight adjustment tool is precision machined solid steel tool. ... My preference is for the M4 style front sight. I like the HK style sight picture but IMO it requires a. AR-15/ M4 Accessories. AR Sights. AR-15 Forearm Accessories.

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